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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 19, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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hello, everyone. i'm uma pemmaraju live in new york. what the front-runner, donald trump, has to say about the controversy with supporters and remarks about president obama. political expert larry sabato. now it's on to the finish. does the bill have a chance? >> i will be able to personally call every senator that i know that we can get this measure to the president's desk. >> we will speak to congresswoman diane black who's leading that fight. plus, an unbearable surprise. what cops found and stuffed inside this teddy bear that caught them off guard.
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america's headquarters live in new york starts right now. but we begin with the race for the white house. the republican hopeful defending on the midwest this weekend. donald trump, mike huckabee and senator ted cruz attending the 15th annual faith and freedom coalition in the all important first caucus state of iowa as they try to connect with evangelical voters. carl cameron joining us from the iowa state fairgrounds in des moines. >> reporter: the faith for freedom coalition has been around for a long time, founded by ralph reade, the christian coalition, an instrumental ground player way back in 1988 when pat robertson came in third in the iowa caucuses. for all intents and purposes, put the christian coalition on
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the map and to this today, evangelical christian socialists are a prevailing force in iowa caucuses. eight candidates here. a handful more appear by video and the highlight is donald trump. he was scheduled to come here. there was word earlier this week he perhaps might not, and he cancelled his visit, but then yesterday, put him back on the calendar and he will be one of the big draws here. they're expected to be at least a thousand, probably more people showing more. in addition, plans to go to a high school homecoming celebration in urbandale outside of des moines to do plastic retail politicking for first in the nation caucus goers come next february. at the same time this is all going on, there's another event in michigan. the second day of a two day conference on mackinac island. there, scott walker wasn't able to make it today. his plane was grounded because of weather. he couldn't get to the island. and we saw yesterday that donald trump wasn't able to make it to
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a big cattle call in south carolina in greenville. he had business to attend to. this is an arduous week. he went there and back to south carolina yesterday and now split into two different caucuses in the midwest. and most of the festivities get going later this evening. at this point, donald trump has a strong, strong lead in iowa, and it's not just in the polls. he appears to have a very deep organization with some of the organizers suggesting that not only do they have people in all 99 counties but break it down by precinct and iowa has over a hundred of them. they've got less than five minutes to get ready for the caucuses. uma? >> thank you for the update from iowa. >> you bet. more on the new controversy surrounding republican front-runner donald trump, this time for something he did not
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say. trump camping flak for not defending president obama after a rally goer makes anti-muslim remarks about him. larry sabado is the director for politics at the university of virginia. great to have you on the show today. >> thanks, uma. nice to be back with you. >> after remaining mia, donald trump breaking his silence, following the dust up over the incident he failed to correct the supporter who called him a muslim. trump firing back via twitter said it's not his job to correct claims about the commander in chief. let's show viewers what he had to say. we put it on the screen right now. am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. he also adds, this is the first time in my life that i have caused controversy by not saying something. larry, your reaction? >> well, the second tweet is
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probably very true. >> no doubt. >> he could have saved himself a lot of trouble, uma by just deflecting what the gentleman said. i don't know about the things you just raised. but here's my view on. here's the front-runner, as carla was just saying. since you're the front-runner, you have to think about how all your opponents are going to interpret what you say and are you giving them an opportunity to come after you? he gave them an opportunity to go after him. >> closing in on the iowa caucuses, will this be an issue to impact the campaign? or cumulative effects, so to speak, of ultimate getting people to make up their minds on whether or not to support him?
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>> you make a good point about the cumulative effect. if you have loads of gas and controversies, i think it does eventually create of feeling of support for you. there's some speculating his ceiling is, you know, 30%. others say 35%. some say upper 20s. i don't know what it is. we'll see and remember, iowa may be a few months away but those are like dog years. everything is going to happen sometimes in a day and will change the dynamics of the campaign. >> back in 2008, hillary clinton's campaign was notably accused of insinuating that obama was a muslim with mrs. clinton herself saying obama was a muslim, quote, as far as i know.
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>> hypocrisy is the life blood of politics. you just cited another great example of it. >> you teach them well. because that is fundamental to campaigns and what folks said years ago. it seems like they have memory lapses going forward. >> yeah. >> you know, it's really amazing. but long-term, do you think this is going to just be one of those situations where got another step and let's go on? >> there's another bump in the road. here's why it won't go on. the loads of republicans, in fact, majority of trump supporters and a pretty sizable minority of republicans generally who believe that obama is a muslim. which, i should add, is false. there's also a fifth or a quarter who believe that obama was not born in the united states. which i need to add, is also false. but the fact that they believe it means that it's very
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difficult to use that against trump, particularly with his own supporters. >> now you make a very valid point there, so we'll have to watch and see. as the fallout continues and where it leads, but i cannot let you go without talking about the buzzing news about vice president biden from sources who are reportedly in the "wall street journal," more likely than not go ahead and get into the race with the democratic nomination. all of this happening at a time where we hear reports mrs. clinton isn't playing the packed houses these days and bernie sanders drawing a lot of support in iowa and new hampshire. do you think the vice president wants to decide until after the benghazi tragedy next month? >> that's october 22nd, i believe. i think that's a key date. if she doesn't do well and if there are other developments on the e-mail front, then that will
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obviously encourage vice president biden to get in. i would just caution people not to believe every report they read. i've come to believe that every person who has ever shaken hands with vice president biden is leaking to a newspaper about what he might or might not do. we'll just have to be patient. he'll tell us when he's ready. >> yes, he will tell us when he's ready and he does have time there. always great to see you. thank you so much forfeitu weig in today. >> thank you, uma. thank you so much. new hampshire democrats holding their state convention today and hillary clinton wasting no time or words in her war of words with donald trump. she's taking an aggressive tone now that bernie sanders is giving her headache, all of this to give back momentum for the campaign losing support from some key groups. we'll bring you more from camp hillary a bit later in the show. we invite you to make sure to catch fox news sunday where chris wallace sits down for an
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interview with carly fiorina. and the top carolina senator lindsey graham on sunday morning features. stay with fox news channel. america's election headquarters. now this alert. pope francis about to arrive in cuba. the pope making a four day trip to the island nation before heading to the u.s. now today, he is expected to meet raul castro and deliver mass to the faithful in a number of cities. steve karagan standing by live in havana with more. steve? >> reporter: we're an hour away from pope francis' arrival in havana. a sense of expectation and hope across the island. you can feel the excitement when you talk to people. this will be the third papal visit to cuba in the last seven
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years, a record for the 11 million people. 60% of whom are catholics. it's going to be a busy visit for the pope here. he's going to hold an open air match right here in the central square revolutionary plaza in ha havana. that's expected to be huge and one more in central cuba and the other on the east coast. all three masses, we expect to see cuba's leader, raul castro, who has expressed fondness for the pope and world view. whether or not there will be a meeting with the former leader, depends on fidel's health but one point causing some controversy, the pope will not meet publicly on this trip. no one opposed to the one party state here in cuba. here in cuba, the pope is likely
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to push for more freedom for catholics. they've been persecuted since the revolution. that persecution has softened with recent papal visits. that's what the pope is pushing for here on the island. back to you. >> steve, thank you very much. well, russian president vladimir putin inspecting this year's biggest military drills in his country's orenburg region. involving thousands of troops as concerns are growing here in the u.s. over his country's military build-up in syria. adding to those concerns, the u.s. discovering a small number of russian jet fires in syria which could pose a threat to american allied forces. new jersey governor chris christie speaking out about the growing unrest. >> this is when the president enforced the red line in syria when he invited putin in to become the enforcer in syria. this is when we gave away america's leadership in that area. we're now seeing the results not
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only with the russian military presence in syria, but we're also seeing it with hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees running for their lives and a quarter of a million syrians already dead. >> joining us now, fox news military analyst and retired marine lieutenant colonel, oliver north. he's also author of the book "counterfeit lies." welcome, sir. great to have you here. >> good to be with you, uma. >> despite the comments by ash carter speaking with russian counterpart to avert what could be a confrontation between the u.s., syria, and russia, russia today making its move, moving its fighter jets to a base in syria for the first time. it sure looks like moscow is ready to play a direct role when it comes to propping up syrian president assad. >> no doubt about it. >> it's like putin doesn't care about the white house objections to his actions. >> oh, yeah. look, putin is capitalizing on america's collapse in the middle east. russia's immediate goal is to shore up the crumbling regime
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and preserve the bases . they want to secure the u.s. as a major power broker in the middle east and asia. putin deployed what is a combined arms task force. his special operations troops, naval infantry which we would call marines, su 27 fighters. these are air to air sbr interceptors and deployed the helicopters, armored vehicles. and you can see the overhead imagery, communications intercept vans which gives them the capability to hunt down anti-assad rebels and kurds. so the u.s. coalition air strikes over syria are now going to drop to near zero. we're going to start losing remotely piloted aircraft as soon as the su 27s are operational and we'll know that they're going on the offensive when they deploy their heavy artillery and multiple rocket launch systems. all is offloaded to the bases. >> how far do you think putin
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will go with his maneuvers in syria? >> his goal to support bashar al assad in damascus. it's part of a deal he worked out between the russians and the iranians. the aye toe atollahs. they're bearing the brunt against isis. they're overwhelmed by refugees and cut off from iraqi oil revenues of their own oil. they put out a hip notice on kurdish president and leader, mehsud barreshani. it could collapse. >> the consequences are quite dire. with all aid cut off to them, what impact is this going to have in any kind of everett to
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go after isis? >> what makes things worse is the russian involvement in the syrian civil war will exacerbate the refugee catastrophe. interestingly enough, as of today, less than 20% of the refugees making it to europe are syrian. the rest from all over the middle east because of isis and isis is just part of it, but it's radical islam. that's a major part of the problem. what we're seeing, our image is coming out of europe, but what you've seen on the ground, if you go to that web site we've talked about before, the lord global, you can see what it's like on the ground. it's no plan to deal with the russians and isis. we know that his failed idea of which we said right from the very beginning was a bad idea. training a resistance force of 5300 to deal with isis with over 50,000 isis fighters, absolutely nuts to begin with. and now we've learned that there's five or six, maybe as
12:17 pm
many as nine anti-isis fighters. i've got a message by the way. quickly. the consular service and royce and hunter, there is a company in san diego called voracity security systems with an already proven vetting device. it's called cue analyzer. they can validate a refugee's story in less than three minutes. before we start bringing them here, we need to do that. >> that could make a big difference. i can't let you go without commenting on what's happening in san antonio. the investigation leader there calling him, quote, naive and inexperienced. and that he shouldn't be facing jail time. what say you? >> his defense team is already setting up the argument that he's mentally unstable. and so if the convening authority and the military judge ruled that he was mentally incompetent at the time he deserted, he probably won't stand trial. no trial means no brig time.
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i think that's pretty, pretty evident that's where this is heading. >> all right. lieutenant colonel north, thank you so much for joining us today. >> and you too, uma. thank you. >> all the best. well, the suspect in a series of freeway shootings in arizona appearing in court just moments ago. why he told a judge, you've got the wrong guy. and investigators not fooling around. why they've targeted this giant teddy bear during an apartment r raid and what they found inside. house republicans blocking planned parenthood for one year. now on to the senate. does it even have a chance of moving forward? we speak to a key sponsor of the bill, but first, here's carly fiorina. >> this is about the character of our nation. and if we will not stand up and force president obama to veto this bill, shame on us. staying in rhythm... it's how i try to live... how i stay active.
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welcome back, everybody. with police overseas making aof in sydney not toying around, seeing a teddy bear and after pulling out the stuffing, discover two pistols, a magazine
12:23 pm
and extra ammo. investigators claim those weapons were illegally imported. a 23-year-old suspect now in custody facing several weapons charges. a suspect in a series of sniper shootings in arizona making an initial court appearance. police arresting the 21-year-old landscaper last night in connection with some of the shootings on the freeway. his gun linked to four incidents in the phoenix area. there have been 11 confirmed shootings. his bail set at $1 million. joining us now, will carl with the latest in los angeles with the story. will? >> reporter: hey there, uma. we learned a lot during a short amount of time. their suspect is still a dramatic threat to the community. we're talking about 21-year-old leslie allen merritt jr. he appeared in court wearing a black and white striped jumpsuit. the judge imposed that million
12:24 pm
dollar cash bond and then advised not to talk without discussing with attorney first. he ignored the advice saying he's not the shooter. >> asking for a $1 million cash bond for the suspect. >> all i have to say is i'm the wrong guy. i've tried telling the detectives that. my gun has been in the pawnshop. i haven't had access to a weapon. >> i haven't had access to a weapon, he says. police arrested merritt inside a glendale walmart. they say he was to rensically linked to the shooting. it was sold to a pawnshop. the first four shootings. the more money pawnshop confirm police found a handgun they believe was used in those shootings. here's what we know about merritt. he's a landscaper father of two,
12:25 pm
21 years old, enthusiastic about guns. he's got picture s of guns and s to the motivation, it's unclear at this point. some of the local reporters caught up with the dad last night and say they've got the wrong person. >> whoever said i'm the shooter is a [ bleep ] moron. have a good night. >> reporter: obviously emotional there. now merritt is charged with a number of felonies including aggravated assault. last week, the prosecutor said he believed this was domestic terrorism but under state law, the current state law, cannot charge him with that. they say this is an ongoing investigation and only linked him so far to the first four shootings and there could be more people, more copy cats out there. uma? >> wil carl with the latest on the investigation in arizona. thank you very much. democratic presidential contenders making a stop in a
12:26 pm
primary state. hillary clinton in attendance. time to shore up her support and gain ground in the polls. all this and all are still wondering if another big name will soon join the race. plus, there's this. european migrants struggling, thousands stranded at the borders trying to make their way west to escape terror and violence. and we want to hear from you. sometimes the stories we cover in the headlines can bring us down, violence and negativity. we want to know what makes you happy. we have an author talking about that subject today. tweet me at @uma pemmaraju. we'll get to your answers later on in the show. pemmaraju. we'll get to your answers later on in the show. if you love shrimp
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vice president joe biden and presidential hopeful hillary clinton will be side by side in washington. but there is growing buzz that the two may soon be political rivals for the democratic nomination. the two joining the president and the first lady at the premiere event for black lawmakers. meanwhile, both currently in the thick of the race, pending a great deal of the saturday at the new hampshire democratic convention. hillary clinton trying to shore up support in that early primary state. >> i'm running for my first term. >> i will proudly carry forward this democratic achievement.
12:32 pm
>> today, hillary clinton had absolutely no problem going after donald trump. she had comments on immigrants, women, even his campaign slogan. but she faced the most heated rhetoric to correct the man who called president obama a muslim. >> don't be distracted by their flamboyant front-runner. trying to bully and buy his way into the presidency. his latest outrage, the way he handled the question about president obama was shocking. but not surprising. he's been trafficking and prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> clinton speaking at the annual convention in new hampshire along with all the other democratic candidates but one of the biggest moments wasn't what a candidate said,
12:33 pm
but what the crowd did. when debby schultz, the chairman of the democratic national committee on stage but several democrats in the crowd started shouting, we want more debates. as of now, only six democratic debates compared to 11 republican debates. the thinking is lesser known candidates like bernie sanders would benefit the most for most debates. today, sanders said his party needs the kind of enthusiasm his campaign brought to the race in order to win next november. >> we will not retain the white house, not gain control of the senate unless we are the party which generating excitement and momentum and enthusiasm. >> now, tonight, both hillary clinton and zhjoe biden will ben washington for the congressional black caucuses awards dinner, the premiere event for black lawmakers. a crucial constituency for
12:34 pm
clinton and biden, if, of course, he decides to run. uma? >> thank you very much. a push from the gop and the house taking aim at planned parenthood, the house passing a bill to block in response to a series of videos, appearing to show planned parenthood officials discussing how they would sell tissue from aborted fetuses to medical researchers, the controversy setting off a heated debate in congress. >> harvesting the parts from these little baby boys and girls has become a political issue? this is about a horrific act that is repulsive and repugnant. it has no place in america, and america's taxpayers refuse to pay for that. >> let's not continue with this deception about what's actually going on here. the republicans just want to shut the government down if we don't defund planned parenthood. that's what they're all about. >> joining us now, tennessee congresswoman diane black, a member of the congressional pro-life caucus, author of "the
12:35 pm
bill to defund planned parenthood." >> great to be with you. >> talk about the efforts to block the funding for planned parenthood. i know this was perceived as a hard fight in the house. but you had enough votes there to pull this off. >> i did. and it was bipartisan, which i'm proud to say. i want to be clear what this bill does. it places a moratorium on planned parenthood's funding for a period of one year while congress investigates the activities that are potentially illegal we've seen in these undercover videos. i know the other side cannot defend these videos, so they try to say a lot of things that are not true and that is we're going to take away women's health care. first of all, that is not so because there are other community health clinics out there. for every one planned parenthood clinic, there are some 20 health care centers qualified that can take up the slack that's there. in addition to that, we're putting another $235 million
12:36 pm
into women's health services, so not a dime will be lost. no woman should be without services. and in addition to that, the final thing is that we have in the bill provided that if planned parenthood said we will stop doing abortions, they will get the the money for their clinics but have to stop doing abortions while we're doing this investigation. >> so for this interim, the funds that would normally have gone to planned parenthood, they would be directed to other agencies that provide health services, right? >> that is correct. 13,500 of t agencies to provide preventative health care. only 1700 in the facilities and 13,500 federally qualified health centers across the country. >> talk to me for a moment about what you think helped you gain support from the other side. not to make this simply a partisan issue, where you were able to get bipartisan support for the passage of the bill in
12:37 pm
the house. >> i encourage people to go and watch the videos. unless you've seen the videos, it's awfully hard to really know the horrendous activity it is taking place there. but i think, you know, even if you're pro abortion, if you watch these videos, the despicable activity of selling fetal tissue, of performing procedures that are unlawful such as performing a procedure that is not used for other abortions, but specifically for fetus recovering fetal tissues, saying we crunch from above and we crunch from below so that we can resume taking out the portion that we want. that's against the law. and so that's our job in congress is to make sure that people are abiding by the law, especially if they're getting taxpayer dollar to the tune of $500 million, half a billion dollars a year. we want to make sure they're abiding by the law. >> all this is teeing down for a
12:38 pm
show in the white house. the senate has to vote, but the president will promise a veto on this one as far as he says right at this point. how do you plan to overcome this hurdle or is this just from your perspective? >> it's not symbolic. first of all, it is our job to do the investigation when we believe it's illegal activity, especially where there are taxpayer dollars that are being used. we also want the american people to actually see what is happening, so that they will know and win the hearts and minds of people happening behind planned parenthood behind closed doors, and also, we want to be sure this gets to the president's desk. we can show where his values are, where his support is, and we have other ways that we can also get this to the president's desk. this is just one of them, and this is just the beginning. >> you want to hold him really accountable for, you know, what's at stake here. and you want him to actually have to face that head on. >> i certainly do.
12:39 pm
i just dare him, as the american people see these videos, and whether you are a democrat or a republican, pro life or pro choice, i think you will agree that the inhumane activity that is on these videos is not something that we can accept here in the united states. >> congresswoman, always great to have you on the show. thank you so much for being with us today. keep us posted. >> it's great to be with you. thank you for having me. coming up, the migrant crisis in europe escalating to new levels. those dramatic images as refugees trample over each other in a rush to get on to buses and trains and head to western europe. a live report on that desperate heartbreaking situation. plus, never leave a man behind. the story behind these two dogs will just open up and warm your heart. at ally bank no branches equals great rates.
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thousands of migrants escaping. thousands of people crossing the border to croatia and accusing of breaking international law by not registering the massive influx. this as the migrants pack to limited buses and trains to europe. joining us live with more on this heartbreaking situation, john? >> reporter: yeah. uma, thousands of people remain basically trapped along the borders of those countries including hungary, as you mentioned. at this point are unwilling to take anymore people in, saying they can't keep up with the pace and the sheer number of the amount of migrants that are pouring into the countries. among them, croatia, we'll start with croatia.
12:45 pm
that country has started closing its borders with slovenia, serbia, and hungary. at this point, according to officials there and as we found out today, the country's prime minister milanovic said they will quote unquote accept migrants and leaving them at the border where there have been clashes between hungarian police and migrants with police, in some cases as we've been seeing with gas and spray. 500 army reservists to deal with the influx of people and the country is reinforcing and sealing off its borders with razor wire fences. we've also been seeing that over the course of the last couple of days. other countries, meanwhile, including germany and austria calling up reserve troops and police to deal with as officials in those countries say the
12:46 pm
overwhelming number of migrants. austrian police say so far, close to 700 migrants flooded into the country since friday and many more as we're seeing are on their way to europe from turkey and greece where it's already been a deadly trek for some. uma, today, greece's coast guard said it found the body of a 5-year-old girl in the agean sea after the boat sank and 14 others remain missing. uma? >> it's just awful for those people who are so desperately trying to find freedom away from their, you know, war ravaged nations. thank you, john, for that update. thank you. >> reporter: sure. well, pope francis expected to arrive in cuba within the hour. he will then head to the u.s. on tuesday. it's his first visit to our nation and while he's in new york city, one stop will be taking place at a school that
12:47 pm
serves mostly poor immigrant children. now the students there, as you can imagine, are getting very excited getting set for his historical arrival. brian with more from the new york city newsroom. brian? >> reporter: our lady of queen angels catholic school will be the only school the pope will visit. 24 students from four inner city catholic schools will meet with him. like 9-year-old nicholas and gonzalez who feel like lucky kids. i sat down with them and they gave me an education. >> i know that the first non-european pope in years. >> what i like about pope francis is that he is a soccer fan, because i like playing soccer. >> it's no coincidence the pope is visiting our lady queen of angels in east harlem, one of six partnership schools in inner
12:48 pm
city new york offering a catholic education from pre-k to eighth graders. the majority are hispanic. 64% of the children live below the poverty line, yet 98% are going to college. friday, the chance for the pope to meet the successful kids face the face. >> kids say the darnedest things. i think that's probably what's going to happen. and anything they say is going to be fine, because it's going to come from their heart and it's going to be true. >> i'm nervous and excited, but i'm more on the excited side. >> i'm nervous because it's the pope and i think thousands of people are going to be here, so that's kind of, it makes you kind of shy, but then you'll get used to it. what i'll say is that i love him so much, and give him a hug. >> the principal believes this pope seems to have a different connection with their community and she's excited about his message. >> his message with children is
12:49 pm
to be totally consistent with what you say. you are a child of god. you are loved. you are called to do well and do good. >> the kids are planning to show off projects including ways to save the environment, a topic dear to the holy father and now for continuing coverage on the pope's visit to the u.s., make sure to go to >> thank you, brian. the children are excited about the visit. so adorable. absolutely. okay. have you ever asked the question, what does it mean to really be happy? and how we can get there? we're going to take a look at some thought provoking answers next.
12:50 pm
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12:54 pm
coming to the united states for another historic visit where he will be here next week beginning on tuesday with trips to washington, d.c., new york, and philadelphia. the pope also will be addressing congress. it will be a first. and you can see the jet is on the tarmac and is getting set to pull up. as you see, hundreds of people there are lined up around the area. they are at the airport as well with waving cuban flags. it will be a very interesting trip as we all watch and witness the diplomatic relations and to see what this hope has to say and we will continue to monitor the pope's visit of course throughout his visit. >> okay. okay. from terror to natural disasters, we're constantly bombarded with news and images
12:55 pm
that make even the strongest of us sad and afraid. how do we fight that and find happiness in the midst of all this despair? author of" finding happiness, a philosopher's guide." and editor at a newspaper in france. i find it very interesting that you decided to spend time researching philosophers to find out their search for happiness. why do you think this book has resonated with leaders across the board? because people are always looking for ways to be happy. >> first of all, thanks very much for inviting me. i just arrived from paris and i'm so happy to be here today to speak about happiness. everyone is searching for happiness. it is a universal question. what is happiness? how do reach happiness. and for the first time i try to
12:56 pm
blend different knowledge like philosophy, religion, science, psychology, about happiness. and i tried to find out what is truly happiness. and how to reach it. with many practical examples. i think the reason of the success is because the book is very accessible. everyone is read it. there are many practical advice. >> i'm sorry. i have to interrupt. we have to go back to the pope. >> of course. i love the pope. >> he is arriving right now in havana. we are going to continue to follow the papal visit as he arrives in cuba. and we take you to break as the pontiff arrives in havana this hour. appreciation, and this has been denied to many south africans for generations. this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa,
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lease the 2015 rc 350 for $429 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. fox news alert for you now. a historic event happening. just a few minutes ago, pope francis arriving in cuba. and let's show you a live look at the airport in havana. the communist nation rolling out the red carpet to welcome the leader of the roman catholic church. and good afternoon to you all. welcome to a brand-new hour inside mesh's news headquarters. >> good to have you with us. i'm kelly wright. the holy father will spend four days on the island nation. it is only the third papal visit there in the last 20 years. steve is live with more details about this


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